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The Research:
Benefits of Mindfulness

  • improves focus, reading comprehension, and memory (Mrazek, Franklin, Phillips, Baird, & Schooler)

  • develops physical awareness (HBS)

  • increases positive emotions (HBS)

  • improves self-control, stress management, and decision making (Harvard Business Review)

  • affects the two parts of the brain that deal with self-control, stress management, and decision making (Harvard Business Review)

  • decreases stress levels (Sara Lazar of Harvard)

  • decreases social anxiety (Stanford)

  • causes a person’s hippocampus to grow, indicating an improvement in memory and learning abilities (Sara Lazar of Harvard)

  • after practicing mindfulness, students experienced an average 16 percentage point increase on standardized tests (Mrazek, Franklin, Phillips, Baird, & Schooler)

The Research:
Physical Benefits of Swimming

The Research:
Psychological Benefits of Swimming

  • causes more neurons to form, allowing for improvements in learning, memory, and regulating emotions (Harvard Medical School)

  • reduces depression by increasing the production of endorphins through aerobic exercise (Dr. David Coppel to Medical Daily)

  • since immersion in water allows for increased blood flow to the brain, swimming betters a person’s memory and emotional state (Medical Daily)

  • allows for relaxed psychological state perfect for mindfulness exercises due to swimming’s repetitive movements and breathing techniques (U.S. Masters Swimming)

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