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M2Class Descriptions

Whether you want private instruction or a friendly group experience, we focus on individualizing your session and maximizing your potential.

Lifeguarding class: TBA

Group/Private lessons 6 week session begin:

September 26th, 2022



Group Classes:

30 minute Baby and me class (6 week session): $175  

30 minute Youth class (6 week session): $235

30 minute Homeschool class (6 weeks): $235

45 minute Youth class (6 week session): $325

45 minute Advanced youth class (6 week session): $310

45 minute Adult class (6 weeks): $310

1 hour Adult Exercise class (one class): $40

Private Lessons and Classes:

30 minute private lesson: $80

30 minute alternative learner lesson: $90

30 minute homeschool lesson: $80

30 minute semi-private class (6 week session): $322

45 minute private lesson: $125

1 hour private lesson: $135

*There are no refunds for missed classes unless M2O cancels due to weather or pool related issues. All M2O staff working/operating at the Saint Basil Academy pool location work in partnership with the Saint Basil Academy Aquatics Department. 

*Saint Basil Academy is invested in building community, promoting safety, and enhancing lives. Thank you for your contribution and enjoy. 

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